Academic Registrar

Communication from the Academic Registrar

The Department of the Academic Registrar derives its mandate from the University and other Tertiary Institutions Act 2001.The department is headed by the Academic Registrar, Who currently is Mr.Okoth Constantine Ogenda.
Role of the Department
To coordinate academic matters in the college namely:

  1. Programmes
  2. Curriculum Design and Implementation
  3. Admissions
  4. Implementation of Rules and Regulations of the College
  5. Research
  6. Academic Ceremonies
  7. Staff welfare
  8. Gender Mainstreaming

Major aim
To ensure total quality management of academic activities.
To ensure Effective and efficient service delivery for high academic standards.
The Office
The office currently has one Academic Registrar with some support staff.The Academic Registrar is the coordinator of all matters pertaining to the academic organization of the college: examinations,research,postgraduate studies,syllabuses. The Academic Registrar oversees admissions,records and examinations.
He is always the Secretary to Academic Board and its committees. All the above are done in liaison with Makerere University to which the College is an affiliate.

Academic Registrar

Mr.Okoth Constantine Ogenda

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Mr.Okoth Constantine Ogenda
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