Student Leadership


It’s yet another monumental moment of this great college of ours, the Health Tutors’ College, and I take this opportunity to appreciate the entire student body for the trust and confidence you placed in me when you overwhelmingly elected me as your guild president for the academic year 2023/2024. I am humbled and indebted to you all.
The road to success, while worth every step, is long, and there are times along the way when you need a helping hand or a “pick-me-up”. Each one of us did something of a helping hand along the electoral journey, and all those things are what led to our victory. I congratulate you all.
“I believe that it would be better to fail at doing something challenging, something worthwhile, and something worth reflecting back upon, than to succeed doing something safe, something that wouldn’t actually inspire much at all.
Me and my entire cabinet will not take your choice for granted and I want to promise you that together with my dedicated team, working hand in hand with the college administration, we shall make sure that we serve you to the best of our abilities. But your cooperation is very important in all this.
I would also like to take this opportunity to welcome our comrades in year one. Joining HTC, is not a journey so easy to accomplish… As such, I would like to take this opportunity to congratulate you all for making it to Health Tutors’ College.
I urge you and the entire student body to make good use of the available resources at Health Tutors’ College to attain your goals. This is just the beginning of a long journey. In order to realize your dreams, you should remain steadfast and focused from the beginning up to the end.
With full hearts and steady hands, with faith in God and in each other, with a love of our college and country – and a thirst for a just and better tomorrow – we can contribute to the rich history of the Health Tutors College that we can all be proud of… A college united. A college strengthened. The Health Tutors’ College, Mulago. May God bless us all.
Yours in service;
Kakembo Musa Ntambi

Musa pspt 12

Guild President 2023/2024
Kakembo Musa Ntambi

HTC Tutor Student Guild

Guild Representative Council 2023/2024

Vice Guild President

Duluga Richard Drapira

General Secretary

Tabitha Nasio

Guild Speaker

Niwamanya Derrick


Nabunya Priscilla

Deputy Speaker

Nalubidde Oliver

MIN. Finance

Odeso Joseph

MIN.Genger & Foreign Affairs

Nyaka Doreen

MIN.Education & Sports

Tumukugize Emmanuel

MIN.Campus Affairs

Musoke Yusuf

MIN. Health

Awori Milly

MIN. Nutrition

Biira Mukakara

MIN.Justice & Cons Affairs

Atwine Didas


Irumba Geofrey

DEP. Class Rep BME I

Nabutuwa Sharon

DEP. Class Rep BME II

Tumwesigye Stephen

Class Rep BME III

Lakony Peter

Class Rep HDCI

Naita Paul

Class Rep BME I

Tumwebaze Gerald

Class Rep BME II

Achia Agatha

Class Rep PGDME

Alibu Patrick Denis

DEP. Class Rep PGDME

Anita Tumusiime

Guild representative Council 2020/2021

Nasur Kamagero
Guild President
Geoffrey Joyce Otika
Vice Present
Brender Biira
General Secretary
Josephine Keizer Onesmus
Guild Speaker
Olivia Nabalirwa
Dorcas Ogwel
Deputy Speker
Sarah Nambi
Finance Minister
Ogwal Andrew Odaga
Justice & Constitutional Affairs
Angella Nagadya
Minister Health & Environment Protection
Deus Abowe
Minister Education & Sports
Nancy Awot Aber
Gender & Foreign Affairs
Joyce Nabweteme
Campus Affairs
Rose Abalo Aneka
Midwifery Representative
Clare Kyakyo
Allied Representative
Nursing Representative
Bella Bako Betty
Class Representative BME II
Margret Kisakye
Class Representative BME I