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The SACCO aggregates the savings and lends them out or invests in authorised instruments such as shares, treasury bills and bonds, and in some cases property as authorized by the by laws. Returns from SACCO savings for a member are usually high and sometimes better than what banks offer.


To be devoted to the provision of reliable innovative and accessible financial solutions to members while offering custody and growth of their savings. Devoted – We are committed to serving our members. Integrity – We shall be transparent and truthful at all times.

what does SACCO Mean?

Annual General Meeting


A Savings and Credit Cooperative Organization (SACCO) is a voluntary association where members regularly pool their savings and subsequently obtain loans which they use for different purposes. The idea behind the establishment of SACCOs is to promote savings and make credits available to the members. SACCOs are financial cooperatives that are both economic and social in their aims.

SACCOs are formed by people with a common bond who come together and identify their problems, discuss and identify how to solve them. They then mobilize other interested people to join and elect from amongst themselves an interim committee that will take ideas forward. These hold offices until the first Annual General Meeting at which members elect a new committee.

Thank you for taking the time to visit the Sacco Group page. The Sacco Group ideology embraces a team approach where all members understand every client’s real estate needs and every property’s attributes versus each agent assigned to singular activities as is typical in most team approaches. This approach will better serve the client and enrich the experience of the members of the Sacco Group.

SACCO Committee

Dr. Keren Carol D. Ayikobua (PhD)

Mr. Katumba James Davis

Mr. Ivan Nshabire

Mr. Etapu Joseph

Mr.Mangeni Stephen

For Information Contact

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