Graduating from school, college or university is a very special day in a student’s life. Graduation day does not only put an end to the hectic classes and scary exams, but it also presents a basket full of opportunities to the students. And the start of a new journey cannot be completed without the love and good wishes from the near and dear ones! A fresh graduate deserves to be complimented, praised and appreciated for his/her hard work and diligence through some heartwarming messages like these.


Education is about understanding the possibilities that the world has to offer. Being successful in life is about appreciating the chances that you can create by yourself. You have gathered all the tools you need and now it’s time to start building it. we are talking about the future that you wanted to build for yourself. A combination of enthusiasm, diligence, and ability is essential for the pursuit of one’s dreams. we pleased to release your achievement.  Focus on your goals and dreams to achieve more in life.

74th Graduation Ceremony

Makerere University Graduation will be held from 29th – 2nd January 2024
College of Education and External Studies (CEES)

Graduation Requirements

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Each Graduation Ceremony brings with it Unique Highlights, Statistics as well as awards.
Below you will find links to some of those highlights.
74th Graduation Ceremony – 30th January 2024

Graduation Highlights