Allied Health Department

In response to the overwhelming demand for tutors in the Allied health and affiliated training institutions yet it possesses one of the most diverse health worker cadres, the Department of Allied Health of Health Tutors College Mulago aims at ensuring that all tutor students that are Allied Health professionals joining the college feel at home. They are exposed to tailor made programmes that will enable them measure up to the ever changing demands from their students and interaction with patients in clinical areas.
Through the consultant and expert lecturers at the college; field trips, community work, clinical hospital exposure coupled with block sessions are used to incorporate the pedagogical principles that are core to this course into application to produce an ethical, competent, multi-skilled, and up to date tutor that can meet the demands of his students and patients in the community.

The college receives tutor students who are Medical clinical officers, psychiatric clinical officers, public health dentists, medical laboratory technologists, orthopedic clinical officers, radiographers, ENT clinical officers, and pharmacists.
The college partners with National stakeholders to offer these high quality, and demand driven training like, different allied schools, teaching hospitals and health centers, BTC, UAHEB, AHPC, KCCA, MOH, and tutors' college

Mugambe Samuel
Head of Department

Dip CMCH, B.EDM, Msc PH, Msc. Human Physiology (M.U.K) (ongoing)